Tier 2 - Medical Bag

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Tier 2 Kit - Medical Bag

This standard medical satchel has been upgraded with a few cosmetic additions including an old tin first aid lid turned into a patch, quick draw slips for your injectable props, and a rag to wipe away the blood of your patient. We have also added a “supply bag” patch to make it ready for the Dystopia Rising LARP.

The Bag Includes:

  • (6) 12oz bottles genred to our satisfaction.
  • (6) weathered injectable props. 

Tier 2 bags are a step up from the base model for discriminating LARPer who would like a little something extra to their ready-made supply kit. As with all of our bags, we strive for quality and durability. Because if it can’t last in the apocalypse, then what good is it?