The Shaman Bag – a Tier 3 Kit

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“Double, double toil and trouble…”

We found dis here bag on the corpse of a ragged… thing… propped up under the only tree within eye sight in da midda of da harshest swamp land you ‘ever did cross.
Dunno who it was.. dunno what kilt’er… but it’s a nice bag, eh?”

This messenger bag has a weathered “bat skeleton” hand stitched to the cover, the front zipper replaced with leather wrapped in copper, and a piece of faux fur stripping down the side. The original strap has been replaced with a softer cotton strap held down on the side with some leather. Inside there are three double quick draw slips for your injectable props. The whole bag has seen some moderate weathering, and a “supply bag” patch has been added to make it ready for the Dystopia Rising LARP.

The Bag Includes:

  • (6) 12oz bottles genred to our satisfaction.
  • (6) weathered injectable props. 

With Tier 3 bags I like to tell a story. What that story is, usually comes from an inspirational addition, kit bashing pieces to make a new whole, or rebuilding the bag all together. This means the kit looks to have had a life and tells a story, and hopefully it will help add to Your Story.