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"Hey man, can you weather my stuff?"

I get this question a lot. Like a lot. And the answer is "Yes, yes I can." So here is the break down on how this can happen for you:

The $60 here gets you a place in line and starts the conversation.

After you fill out the questionnaire and save your place, I will reach out to you and discuss the initial concepts. Please have a good idea of what you are looking for. The initial $60 will be applied to your order and will cover the first hour of design work. If your build is beyond my scope or our timelines don’t match, you will receive a full refund at that time.


Even when you own a piece and it has seen some wear and tear, that does not always mean you have the look you want. My time is valuable, and I have skills that I can use to make the kit of your dreams. I believe my time is also worth it and you have seen something in our Instagram, facebook, or blog that you liked and thought “I love that look but I can’t do that myself.” This is what I am here for.

During our conversation we will list out all of the things you want done to your kit, we will reference photos of your kit and other examples of what you are looking for. I have a good understanding of the time, effort, and supplies that goes into customizing a kit and can help you decide what is going to give you the effect you want in the budget you have. Having an idea of what you want, and an upper budget will help me manage my expectations and yours. I hate being blind sided with a bill and would not want to do that to anyone else. 


All shipping costs of items will be paid by the customer. Flat rate shipping is the preference, but larger and heavy items will cost more. I will do my best to give you a go/no go on a project before any shipping takes place. There are rare occasions where the project cannot be completed but has already been shipped to us, if this occurs, we will do our best to work with you.


Once we determine what all is to be done, I will send you a custom invoice based on the conversation we have had. We will include shipping costs in this based on estimates for the build. Once this invoice has been paid in full, I will begin work on your item. If you decide to cancel at any time after discussions have been completed and a price has been agreed upon, the initial $60 deposit will not be refunded.


How fast you can get your items shipped to me, the complexity of what needs to be done, and the current que. The timing on the item will be discussed and communication will happen on a monthly basis based on the que ahead of you. When work begins communication will be as progress is made.

For examples of our work, please have a look through our Facebook, Instagram, or the Blog on this site.