Franchise Only Supply Bags

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~ Dystopia Rising Franchise Purchases Only ~

This is a listing for 10 complete supply bag kits. Each bag will be a genred kit that allows the franchise to provide their NPCs and New Players (without the necessary equipment) with the appropriate gear for full immersion.

Each Kit includes:

  • (1) draw string bag made from durible canvas that will be individually genred by hand.
  • (6) 12oz bottles genred to our satisfaction.
  • (6) injectable props.
  • (1) supply bag patch applied to the bag.


  • (1) franchise inventory patch made by us to your specifications and applied to the kit for at additional price per kit. These patches allow for proper inventory as well as a check in/out system for NPCs and New Players using your bags and all included equipment.
  • (1) Dystopia Rising franchise specific patch (i.e. Crystal Creek.) added to each kit. If you provide these patches, we will apply them for free. Else we will need to charge for acquiring them from the parent company. 

These kits are unavailable to non-franchise holders so that franchises can immediately identify their own bags. Once you order these kits we will reach out to you to discuss pricing. Pricing is set, but unavailable to the public. 


All shipping costs will be determined during the invoicing process. Flat rate shipping is the preference, but larger orders and distances will adjust this cost.


Once we determine the complete order, I will send you a custom invoice based on the conversation we have had. We will include shipping costs in this based on estimates stated above. Once this invoice has been paid in full, I will begin work on your order.


The timing on your order will be discussed and communication will happen on a monthly basis based on the que ahead of you. When work begins communication will be as progress is made.